FCC Exam – Semarang – The Results

Alhamdulillah, we’ve made it. FCC Exam – Semarang, Indonesia – have been succesfully completed. As scheduled and announced, this FCC exam held on Catholic University Soegijapranata, Semarang, Dec 7th 2014.

N1IP FCC Exam 2Before exam, 12 exam candidates register themselves to go. And 5 candidates showed up on exam site. Alhamdulillah, we still have candidates. Exam candidates are 4 new and one upgrade to Extra (N2ECG).

About VE’s, invitation sent to other 8 VE’s and 4 VE’s showed up including me. They were Eman AB1AE, Teguh K3DA, Fitra NS2F and me. Eman went to Semarang drove a Boeing 735. He changed his pilot shift to made it. What a VE he is. I was driving all nite long from Gresik to Semarang, alone. So I have red eyes during exam. I hope they not think I was drunk.

Semarang ExamExam were delayed about one hour due to blackout on exam site. When power back online, we proceed the exam. And Alhamdulillah all of candidates passing they grade. From 4 new candidates, we have 2 Extra in one sitting and 2 Technician class. N2ECG pass his upgrade and obtain new class as Extra. They are Joel Razon AI6GB (ex DU1RZ 20 years ago), Sri Bintoro AF5VD, Adcha KG5FDM and Purwanto KG5FDN. And now 3 of them in process of vanity calls.

I’m very happy this job is done completely since it’s my first role as Liaison Officer. I hope senior VE like W7NZ and AB2QV came up but they were not go to exam site. And also very happy my buddy N2ECG now is Extra. Congratulation to you and to all examinees. Thank you for coming to FCC Exam – Semarang, Indonesia. Welcome to amateur radio world.



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